Training Edit

The Gym Edit

All training in Brass Town takes place at the Gym. The Gym is located to the bottom of the Brass Town Centre map. Booker Huffy usually mans the entrance of the door, and you have to pay a weekly Gym Membership fee of 60G. Once you are a member there are 4 mini games you can choose from to boost a stat that can't be increased through the usual part time jobs available. Choose carefully, as you can only complete one of these mini games per day!

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Dancing Edit

To dance speak to Disko in the top left corner of the gym. She will start some music and you will be provided with on screen prompts to move left, right, up, down or press space. Press the buttons at the right time and you will get a boost to your Stamina (SP). Disko may also teach you the Moonwalk skill if you get 10 perfect moves in a row.

Atlas Stones Edit

To lift the atlas stones, speak to Atlas in the bottom left corner of the gym. Atlas will tell you to repeatedly press space whilst facing each stone to lift them. The stones are progressively heavier, so you will have to press space more times to lift each stone as you work from right to left! Once complete, you will get a boost to your Health (HP). If you complete the game quick enough you will earn a pair of flat shoes to wear from Atlas.

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Rope Climb Edit

In the top right of the Gym, you can speak to Riley to complete the rope climb mini game. A simple game, you basically move to the top and back to the bottom of the rope 5 times to earn a small boost to both HP and SP. If you're quick enough, Riley will be so impressed that he'll give you Riley's Ribs, an item that automatically boosts your popularity by 1!

Sparring Edit

By speaking to Coach Sal in the middle of the ring, you can have 5 turns of sparring. This will give you an Exp boost! You can use the Exp to buy new moves by speaking to Coach Sal after you have visited Rookie Andy in hospital for the second time.

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