Stamina Points (SP) Edit

Your Stamina Points (SP) are essential for whenever you are wrestling or in a fight. If you lack SP, you will be unable to perform a lot of the essential moves during fights.

Check SP Edit

You can get specific details on your SP by going into your menu and checking the SP bar. You'll notice that your SP may be lower than your Max SP. This may be because you have used SP to complete some moves today, or you may not have had a good night sleep.

Increase Max SP Edit

You can increase your Max SP in a variety of ways;

  • Increasing your popularity by winning wrestling matches.
  • Completing the rope climb and dancing training games in the gym.
  • Wearing attire that boosts Max SP
  • Equipping a mask or accessory that benefits your Max SP.

Recover SP Edit

On days you have wrestled you will most likely have lost home HP. You can recover your HP in a number of ways;

  • Eating a Strudel (XL) - beware, these are very rare!
  • Sleeping - having your own home or the Inn will allow you to recover more HP than sleeping outside.
  • The Lock Up ability during a match or fight.
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