Relationships are a huge part of life in Brass Town. By befriending the town residents you will unlock cut scenes, bonus items and personal feuds. The easiest way to improve your relationships is to give the other residents Gifts. All relationships are out of 100.

Marriage Edit

To marry a resident in Brass Town you must have a relationship of 100, a double bed (upgrade from the Estate Agent), and an Engagement Ring (bought after befriending Virgil Money).

Friendship Stories Edit

The stories that play out in Brass Town vary depending on who you befriend. A cut scene is unlocked when you revisit a resident after achieving 15, 40, 65 and 90 Relationship. The final cut scene is unlocked when you have a relationship of 100 and have completed the quest received from that person in the 4th cut scene.


Coral's Story Edit



Story Reward
15 Lola borrows money for the farm from Coral. Unlocks the taking bribes option.
40 Coral talks to Smasher about getting the money from Lola by any means necessary. Face Turn
65 Billy Luke confronts Coral. Says he’ll destroy Smasher at the next Special Event. Coral is happy because she bet on Smasher to lose. Unlocks the ability to buy Hairspray
90 Smasher found out about Coral’s plan with Billy Luke and confronts her. Coral asks if you will befriend Smasher and talk to him for her. Unlocks personal feud fight with Smasher

+Quest Complete

Painmaker attempts to take over the Pub. You can get Smasher to help Coral or not. Coral (Manager) / Large Gift

Smasher's Story Edit



Story Reward
15 Old man talks about what a great tailor Smasher will be. Face Turn
40 CM Hammer is sick of Coral leading Smasher on just to get her own way and tries to warn her off. Infatuation


65 Lola is short of cash, so Smasher helps her out. Brass Knuckles (In Ring Item) can now be purchased from Smasher.
90 Smasher doesn't want to hurt people anymore like he has been because of his feelings for Lola. Unlocks personal feud fight with Lola.



Smasher and Lola have a chance to become close depending on the decision the player makes. Iron Mask (Mask)

Lola's Story Edit



Story Reward
15 Lola chats about how nice it is for you to visit her on her day off. Farming Book
40 The Rev tells Lola that her dad is back in town and is sick. Urges her to visit him in the hospital. 5 x Vegetables (L)
65 Lola's dad (Dude) tries to apologize for not seeing her by giving her a Clover Charm, but she storms off. Clover Charm (Accessory)
90 Lola's dad has left the hospital and only the Rev knows where he might be. Unlocks personal feud fight with The Rev
100 Lola's dad appears in the farm house to make amends. You decide if Lola will forgive him or now. Can purchase Smoke Bombs (Item)

The Rev's Story Edit



Story Reward
15 You hear the Rev and Deacon Bluebell talk about spirits in the church. Heel Turn
40 The Rev asks Spivey for help with the problem the church has with the spirits. Dog Collar (Accessory)
65 The Rev and Deacon Bluebell talk about Spivey. Deacon Bluebell suspects that Spivey is the cause of the hauntings, but The Rev refuses to believe it. Monument of Champions is now free
90 Dunde confirms that Spivey is causing the haunting of the church. The Rev tells Dunde to patch things up with his family before he leaves. Unlocks personal feud fight with Spivey
100 Spivey promises that the spirits will never leave the church or hurt anyone. Priest Attire (Attire)

Spivey's Story Edit



Story Reward
15 Spivey takes something from Abel and tells him to say hello to Em Balmer for him. Spivey then talks cryptically about catching people as well as fish. Buy Ideas from Spivey
40 Honkatonk visits and asks for help to keep playing at the bar. Spivey will help as he's happy to have a spy inside the pub. Hawaiian Shirt (Attire)
65 Lee Luckless visits with an offer. Spivey thinks that Lee Luckless is a sinner for his gambling and won't do any business with him. Lee Luckless threatens Spivey. Water Pyro
90 Honkatonk has done something at the church (not known what). Honkatonk then gives Spivey a warning. Spivey confides in you that he thinks this is the end for him... Unlocks personal feud fight with Em Balmer
100 Spivey is confronted by Painmaker. Just when he is about to be destroyed, Gravedigger makes an appearance to save Spivey. Summon Fears (move)

Em Balmer's Story Edit



Story Reward
15 Coach Sal talks to Em Balmer as she is concerned that fire is being used in Brass Town Wrestling matches. Now sells Fire Powder (item)
40 Mr Cream says some people have heard groaning from the Light Keeper's house on a night. Em Balmer denies all knowledge. Corpse Paint (mask)
65 Librarian Sara tries to talk to Em Balmer about her brother Gravedigger, but Em Balmer insists that he is dead. Shovel (Accessory)
90 You discover that Gravedigger is downstairs. Em Balmer admits taht he is alive and was Spivey's tag partner but Spivey pushed him too hard. When their parents' house burnt down they had to pay Spivey for his silence. Unlocks personal feud match with Librarian Sara
100 Librarian Sara confronts Sara about Gravedigger living there. You can decide if he stays at home or leaves town to receive proper care. Em Balmer (Manager) / Large Gift

Librarian Sara's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Sara is tired so the doctor gives her an energy drink. The doctor now sells Energy Drinks.
40 Hancock asks about buying a basketball book. Sara's glasses have been found but she denies that they belong to her... Glasses (accessory)
65 Smasher is unable to repair Sara's outfit so she is offered a new one. Superhero Attire
90 Ebony returns a cook book. She asks Sara to thank Heatwave for helping her the other day. It is mentioned that someone is going around town freezing things... Unlock personal feud match with Glacius
100 Glacius comes and freezes Sara... who then melts the ice when she turns into Heatwave and sends Glacius running. Heatwave (manager) / Large Gift

Glacius' Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Booker Huffy is talking about how expensive Glacius' ring entrance is to her. Fishing Guide
40 Banker Irwin can't give any more credit but Glacius is able to intimidate him to buy a new ancient helmet for her entrances. Ancient Mask (Mask)
65 Vinnie tells Glacius that they can't afford her elaborate ring entrance and hands her a bill instead of paying her. Glacius vows to make everyone pay... Heel Turn
90 Pebble confronts Glacius about freezing his oven. Glacius tells him to leave her alone, and Pebble vows to get proof of what Glacius has been up to. Unlock personal feud match with Pebble
100 Pebble gives Glacius rock cakes as the oven is working again. Glacius' heart begins to thaw. The player can decide if she makes a new start or continues as she is. Glacius (Manager) / Large Gift

Pebble's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Pattie comes and talks to Pebble, who jokes about Mr Cream before Pattie leaves with the takeaway order. Strudel (XL)
40 Honkatonk offers Pebble a spot in his backing band. Pebble raises his eyebrow. Raised Eyebrow (Move)
65 Virgil Money tries to by the secret recipe for Pebble's famous XL Strudel, but Pebble refuses to sell. Sunglasses (Accessory)
90 Pebble's XL Strudel recipe has gone missing. Pebble thinks that Virgil Money took it, but there is no proof as Virgil Money has no friends he would confide in... Unlock personal feud match with Virgil Money
100 Virgil Money returns the recipe for the XL Strudel and Pebble thanks the player. All Cafe Meals half price

Virgil Money's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 A little girls wants to buy a gift for her sister but is short of cash. Virgil Money tells her to buzz off. Heel Turn
40 Rookie Bella is angry when she hears that Virgil Money has been mean to her little sister. Virgil Money bribes her to leave him alone. Virgil now sells Gift Cards (Item)
65 Mr Hancock delivers a medical test result to Virgil Money, who doesn't seem worried as he has enough cash to fix anything that might be wrong with him. Money Belt (Accessory)
90 Virgil Money donates a large sum of cash to Deacon Bluebell, confiding in you that he doesn't know how much longer he'll be around for. Unlocks personal feud match with Dr Life
100 The doctor visits Virgil and tells him that he isn't dying. Virgil Money (Manager)

Dr Life's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Coral hands in a lot of medications that she found to Dr Life. Dr Life hangs on to them. Face Turn
40 Billy Luke thanks Dr Life for the physiotherapy advice. Physio (Reduced surgery time)
65 Coach Sal tells Dr Life that a lot of Growth Potions are turning up at the gym. Stethoscope (Accessory)
90 Booker Huffy tells Dr Life that they are going to notify the police about all the medication that in circulation that shouldn't be. Unlocks personal feud match against Riley
100 Officer Bubba turns up and either revokes Dr Life's license or lets her go depending on whether you tell him about Riley selling the Growth Potions. Dr Life (Manager) / Large Gift

Riley's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Mauro's passport has gone missing. He approaches Riley who intimidates him into running away. Prank (Move)
40 Atlas chats to Riley about old times and buys some chalk from him. Riley now sells Chalk (Item)
65 Disko chats to Riley. who sells her a growth potion. Riley now sells Growth Potion (Item)
90 Atlas comes and tells Riley that someone has been talking about the growth potions that he sells. Riley gives you a book of pranks as a sign that he trusts you. Book of Pranks (Item) and unlocks personal feud match against CM Hammer
100 CM Hammer confronts Riley. He refuses to take the blame for the Growth Potions that Riley has been selling. Calisthenics Book / Large Gift

CM Hammer's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Librarian Sara accidentally reveals CM Hammer's real identify. He agrees to help you out by signing Vinnie's form for a Special Event area. Unlock Special Event Area
40 CM Hammer reminisces with Riley about his prime and his finishing move - Hammer Time. Learn Hammer Time (move)
65 Booker Huffy is worried about the growth potions that are floating around the gym. Her recalls how CM Hammer got the blame the last time this happened. 10% discount at Tailors.
90 Honkatonk gloats about CM Hammer being washed up and how he will never wrestle again. Unlocks personal feud match against Honkatonk
100 CM Hammer feels like a respected veteran again and offers to manage you as a thank you. CM Hammer (Manager)

Honkatonk's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Honkatonk talks to Pebble about how tough the crowd was tonight. Pebble understands how rough music can be from when he held his own rock concert. 3 x Bottles of Fizz (Item)
40 Smasher visits Honkatonk as he needs to pay for his outfit still. Honkatonk doesn't have enough money because the crowd keep chanting for this new fangled 'disco' music. Music Man Attire (Attire)
65 Honkatonk talks to Pebble about how he needs to step up his game. Pebble suprises Honkatonk with a new guitar. Guitar (Accessory)
90 The Pub owner threatens to sack Honkatonk if he can't update his act to connect with the fans. Unlocks personal feud fight against Disko
100 Disko teaches Honkatonk about disco music and the crowd love it... Honkatonk (Manager)

Disko's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Mauro is out of breath after Disko uses them to run errands as training. Veggie Burger (L)
40 Booker Huffy refuses to use Disko's builder gimmick in a storyline. Hard Hat (Accessory)
65 Trevor Ryzin comes in wearing the same attire as Disko. She vows to never wear it again. Disco Attire (Attire)
90 Disko is adamant that they should be the booker, as all the best storylines are hers. Unlocks personal feud match against Booker Huffy
100 Vinnie doesn't like Disko's booking idea, and doesn't give her the booking job. Dance DVD (Item)

Booker Huffy's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Booker Huffy tells you that he needs someone to fill in for the dark matches at the special events. Unlocks Special Event dark matches
40 Booker Huffy appreciates you taking the time to get to know him, and offers to help you work on either being more of a heel or a face in the eyes of the crowd. Heel or Face boost.
65 Talks to Lee Luckless, who invites him to gamble with him a little bit later. There is a promotion where the Gym is giving out free membership. 7 days free Gym membership
90 Booker Huffy has lost a fortune to Lee Luckless when he went gambling. Vinnie threatens to fire him if he can't get the money back. Unlocks personal feud match against Lee Luckless
100 Booker Huffy tells you how grateful he is for you getting the money back for the gym. Higher flat rate for match wins.

Lee Luckless' Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Billy Luke tries to cheat to win using loaded dice, but still loses. Loaded Dice (item)
40 Lee tells you about his dream to own his own casino. Free game
65 Lee Luckless talks to Painmaker about how his risk taking is paying off, and soon he'll own his own casino in town! All In (move)
90 Billy Luke is the only resident objecting to him getting a license to open Lee Luckless' casino, Unlocks personal feud match against Billy Luke
100 Lee vows to open his casino if it is not already build. If the casino exists it opens. Free Casino Membership

Billy Luke's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Lola talks to Billy Luke about a chick turning up in the house. Tells him they can't afford to feed anymore lifestock. Chick appears in the Farmhouse
40 Bluebell comes to collect money for the church. Billy Luke gives a huge donation to impress her. 3 x Farming Books
65 Painmaker blackmails Billy Luke over the large donation he made to Deacon Bluebell. Hoe (Accessory)
90 Billy Luke confides that he needs to ask Deacon Bluebell for his donation back, but he can't do it. Unlocks personal feud fight against Deacon Bluebell
100 The player can decide to help Billy Luke make things right with Deacon Bluebell or not. Billy Luke (Manager)

Deacon Bluebell's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Pebble donates some meals to help raise money for the church roof. Says Deacon Bluebell could lose some weight… Paella (L)
40 Ebony apologises about Pebble saying that Deacon Bluebell could lose some weight. Deacon Bluebell now sells Light Sources
65 Banker Irwin comes and threatens to take all the collection money away because the Deacon forgot to pay taxes. Collection Box (Accessory)
90 Deacon Bluebell has lost all of the money for the church. Virgil Money says to speak to Ruby if she wants the money as he already gave her the tax relief for the year. Unlocks personal feud match against Ruby
100 Deacon Bluebell finally gets enough donations to fix the church. Blue Attire (Attire)

Ruby's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 The Intellectual wants a job but doesn’t want to do any manual work. Pay increase for Gift Shop job
40 The Rev talks to Ruby asking why she hasn’t been to church. Ruby says they are closed minded Ideas x5 (Item)
65 Riley tries to hit on Ruby but she isn't interested. She hits him with a low blow. Low Blow (move)
90 Coral put Miss on the paperwork with the bank for Ruby. Fight Banker Irwin to bend the rules to allow Ruby to get her money. Unlocks personal feud match against Banker Irwin
100 To thank you for all of your help Ruby gives you a gift. Strudel (XL)

Banker Irwin's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Banker Irwin talks about a special high interest account that he is offering. 2% daily interest on any money left in the bank
40 Coach Sal confronts Banker Irwin about the recent fast referee counts, but Banker Irwin denies all knowledge. Banker Irwin now sells Fast Count (Item)
65 Virgil Money talks to Banker Irwin about how he needs to beat Abel. Bottle of Fizz x3
90 Abel is furious and is certain that Banker Irwin bribed the referee in his fight against Virgil Money. Unlocks personal feud fight against Abel.
100 To thank you for fixing things with Abel, Banker Irwin wants to reward you with a special account. 5% daily interest on any money left in the bank.

Abel's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Em talks about the fire to Abel 3 x Fire Powder (Item)
40 Spivey enters saying the Rev is making Abel go to the hospital. 5 x Ideas (Item)
65 The doctor comes and tells Abel he is not scarred and doesn’t need to wear his mask. Fire Demon Mask (Mask)
90 Mr Hancock tries to blackmail Abel about his lack of scars. Abel breaks down and doesn’t respond. Unlocks personal feud match against Mr Hancock
100 No longer blackmailed Abel comes and hugs it out with you. Fire Pyro

Mr Hancock's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Glacius has a frozen shoulder.

Hancock has a look and prescribes a remedy.

3 x Remedies
40 Mr Hancock talks to Pattie about how one day he’ll have the money for his own business. Face Turn (Item)
65 Mr Hancock talks to Vinnie about wanting to start his own business. Spivey encourages Hancock to just TAKE what he wants. Hairpin (Accessory)
90 Sandwoman comes in and tells Hancock that planning permission for his business has been declined by the local business committee. Unlocks personal Feud match against Sandwoman.
100 Hancock gets his own sports massage business that you can use within the GP surgery. Hancock now sells massages.

Sandwoman's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Vinnie tells Sandwoman about the committee’s need for business’ to maintain standards Sandwoman now sells Light Beers (Item)
40 Queen’s Brawler can’t get the crowd to pop. Sandwoman says it was just the crowd that was off that night. Queen's Brawler goes to talk to Vinnie and Huffy. Sandwoman now sells Alcohol Free Beer (Item)
65 Sandwoman needs a sound system or Trevor Ryzing says Vinnie won’t pay full price to use venue Kendo Stick (Accessory)
90 The Intellectual decides to keep the sound system he collected for himself to listen to classical music on. Unlocks personal feud match against The Intellectual
100 Pattie installed the sound system after the intellectual had a change of heart. Music Player unlocked.

The Intellectual's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 The Intellectual is telling a little girl about how intelligent he is. Face Turn (Item)
40 The Intellectual is making fun of Billy Luke for being dumb to impress Lola 5 x Ideas (Item)
65 The Intellectual agrees to be Atlas’ personal assistant if he can’t get the riddle that Atlas tells him. 3 x Riddles (Item)
90 Lola listens and refuses to help Intellectual solve the riddle that he can't solve. Unlocks personal feud match against Atlas
100 Atlas tells intellectual the answer to his riddle and he doesn’t have to be his assistant anymore. The Intellectual now sells Riddles (Item)

Atlas' Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Pattie delivers 4 medium meals instead of 1 large meal. Atlas tells you to get strong you have to eat right not just lots if you’re going to be strong like him, and gives you x3 Steak and Chips. 3 x Steak and Chips (M)
40 Atlas talks to Mr Cream about the old days. Mr Cream laments how even though Atlas never trained his grappling he could never get him to submit. Atlas now sells Fake Tan (Item)
65 Banker Irwin delivers a parcel. Once they leave it turns out to be a Weightlifting Belt that is too small for Atlas. He blames the café for sending him too many meals all the time. Weightlifting Belt (Accessory)
90 Pattie arrives and tells Atlas that Ebony refuses to make single large meals just for him after he pranked her with a stupid riddle! Unlocks personal feud match against Ebony
100 Atlas is so grateful for your help with Ebony that he gives you your own set of Dumbbells. Dumbbells (Item)

Ebony's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Billy Luke drops off ingredients from the farm. Ebony talks about how all her meals are made with ingredients that are locally sourced. 1 x Lentils (L)

1x Potatoes (L)

1x Eggs (L)

1x Vegetables (L)

40 Pattie asks why all of the large meals keep going missing. Ebony tells him not to worry. Ebony sees you and suggests you learn how to cook yourself Farming Book (Item)

Fishing Book (Item)

65 Shyna talks to Sandwoman about Chico. Sandwoman says apparently Chico is getting loads of fancy drinks and she doesn’t know how he is affording it. She’s furious that Mike’s giving Chico special treatment. Ebony tells you that she had something specially made by Pebble for you. Strudel (XL)
90 Chico has been bribing Ebony to give him all the large meals to keep quiet about him having food poisoning from the Café. He’s decided that he wants the cash now! Unlocks the personal feud match against Chico.
100 Chico admits that he was lying about the food poisoning and promises to leave Ebony ago. Ebony (Manager)

Chico's Storyline Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Chico

talks to Slither about what a great wrestler he used to be, and how neither of hem never got a fair shake. Chico is glad to see you, and tells you not to let anyone stand in your way, saying you shouldn’t afraid to be the bad person.

1 x Heel Turn (Item)
40 Shyna is talking to Chico about how Vinnie always type cast her when she was at her peak. Chico talks to you and says you need to make your own luck. Vinnie tried to turn him into a lame soldier gimmick, but he made his own gimmick instead 5 x Ideas (Item)
65 Chico gives Sunshine a drink and she blushes and says what a great guy he is. Chico says the way to a lady’s heart is a close shave. Razor Blade (Item)
90 Chico can’t get served at the Inn anymore because everyone has noticed that Mike has been giving him free drinks. Unlocks personal feud match against Barman Mike
100 Mike

agrees to serve Chico again, but from now on if he can’t pay he’ll have to do dishes. Chico agrees.

Gold AA Chip (Item)

Barman Mike's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Sandwoman tells Barman Mike to stop giving free drinks to his friends. 3 x Beer (Item)
40 Barman Mike chats to Rookie Bella. She feels tired with having to work so hard. Mike encourages her to keep working hard and gives her a large meal to help her. Steak & Chips (L)
65 Sunshine flirts with Chico and they seem to hit it off. Barman Mike calls you over and says that with these goggles you’ll see the world in a whole new light! Beer Goggles (Mask)
90 Rookie Bella walks in and says she knows that Barman Mike has been taking bribes from Chico for drinks. She calls him selfish and stupid for not thinking about the consequences. Unlocks personal feud match against Rookie Bella
100 Barman Mike and Rookie Bella are talking again after you smooth things over for them. Discount on drinks at the Inn

Rookie Bella's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Rookie Bella seems to be falling asleep after training late. Honkatonk wakes her up. Rookie Bella is happy that you dropped by and gives you a free fancy drink Bottle of Fizz (Item)
40 The Doctor tells Rookie Bella that she needs to rest up or she’ll injure herself. Rookie Bella tells you she’s fine and that’s what ice packs are for. 2 x Ice Packs (Item)
65 Hancock tells Rookie Bella to use the sports tape the doctor prescribed. Rookie Bella thinks Coach Sal would see it as Rookie Bella not trusting her, so she gives it to you. Sports Tape (Accessory)
90 Coach Sal is berating Rookie Bella for injuring her arm doing a moonsault. She says that Rookie Bella better not miss any training. Coach Sal leaves and Rookie Bella confides in you that she can’t take anymore... Unlocks personal feud match against Coach Sal
100 Coach Sal apologizes for being too harsh on Bella. She says it’s only because she cares about her. Bella gives you a Pink Mask as a thank you for all your help. Pink Mask (Mask)

Coach Sal's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Pattie has just finished training with Sal. He asks how he can become a better wrestler. Sal tells him it’s all about discipline and hard work. Boost ATK & DEF
40 Talking to Harvey about their careers. Harvey mentions how amazing Coach Sal’s one title match was when she fought Shyna. Coach Sal goes quiet and Harvey leaves. Boost MAT & MDF
65 Rookie Bella is finishing up training with Coach Sal, who reminds her to always push herself no matter what, otherwise she’ll find a new protege. Boost Max HP and Max SP
90 Coach Sal always regrets never winning a title in Brass Town when Shyna was the champ. She feels like she never pushed herself hard enough and that’s why she lost. She wants to prove herself by having a match with Shyna, but Shyna feels that Coach Sal is past it. Unlocks personal feud match against Shyna
100 Shyna comes in and tells Coach Sal that she’ll have that one fight behind closed doors, as if she trained the player, she really is someone to be respected Back Elbow Drop (Move)

Shyna's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 A young girl asks Shyna for an autograph. She says Shyna is her hero, and she wants to be a champion just like Shyna was when she grows up. Shyna says to you she hates fame, but it’s nice to inspire others. Face Turn (Item)
40 Shyna is talking to Harvey, who tells her that for her title fight with Coach Sal alone she deserves to be on the Monument of Champions. Shyna brushes it off, and says that she isn’t bothered either way. Purple Entrance Lights
65 Shyna is talking to Chico about getting on the Monument of Champions. Slither says she’ll never get on there. Shyna tells you that she wasn’t bothered before, but she’ll apply to get her name inscribed just to prove Chico wrong. 5 x Bottles of Fizz (Item)
90 Shyna gets a letter from Banker Irwin. Shyna hs been denied entry into the Monument of Champions again. Shyna knows that Vinnie is blocking her. Unlocks personal feud match against Vinnie.
100 Shyna finds out that she is going to have her name inscribed on the Monument of Champions! She is overjoyed becomes your manager. Shyna (Manager)

Vinnie's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Rookie Carl shares some ideas to avoid him being a stereotype, Vinnie says he’ll think about it.Tells you the idea was rubbish 100G
40 Sovereign Steve complains to Vinnie that he has completely forgot to factor in the previous storylines when starting new feuds, and he feels stupid on commentary. +1 Popularity level
65 Vinnie tells Sovereign Steve he wants to bring in Destrucito to boost attendance. Sovereign Steve tells Vinnie that it will cost a fortune, and that he needs to “make new” rather than bring in old. Vinnie disagrees, and tells you that you should be more creative and gives you “creative control” 10 x Ideas (Item)
90 Slither has talked Destrucito to hold out for more money. Vinnie is furious and wants you to sort Slither out, as he won’t have another incident like Shyna where a star rips him off for money. Unlocks personal feud match against Slither
100 Destrucito finally arrived but was so out of shape that Vinnie couldn’t use him. Vinnie thanks you and promises to make you a star. 1 Popularity Level and 500G

Slither's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Slither tells his snake to go inside and he’ll feed him. Slither tells the player how much he loves his snake. Snake Oil (Item)
40 Slither's snake gone missing leaving only it’s shed skin. Snake Skin (Item)
65 Slither has found a ransom note with his snake’s tooth. Slither can’t bear to look at the tooth and gives it to the player. Snake Tooth (Item)
90 Slither has paid the ransom, but now the ransomer is asking for more. Sunshine is suddenly flashing the cash, but Slither has no proof that she has his snake.. Unlocks personal feud match against Sunshine.
100 The snake is returned to Slither who is overjoyed. Snake Mask (Mask)

Sunshine's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Sunshine appreciates your attention and buys you a bottle of fizz. Bottle of Fizz (Item)
40 Sunshine tells you that Chico can be boring and she wishes she had some excitement. +1 Heel and +1 Face Turn
65 Sunshine tells you about what a risk taker Harvey is. She then remembers that she has Pebble’s XL Strudel from last night and gives it to you so that Harvey won't see. Strude (XL)
90 Sunshine tells you that Harvey has upset her and wants you to defend her honour. Unlocks personal feud match against Harvey
100 You're Sunshine's hero after you fought Harvey for her. Sunshine (Manager)

Harvey's Story Edit

Value Story Reward
15 Harvey tells you that the secret to high risk is being broken to the point where you don’t care if you live or die. +3 High Risk
40 Harvey tells you about how he used to date Coral, but the relationship broke him. x3 Bottles of Beer
65 Harvey is going to do an ultimate death match and thanks you for your friendship. Barbed Wire (Accessory)
90 Harvey is completely broken, repeatedly saying "defeat... defeat... defeat..." Unlocks personal feud match against Coral
100 Harvey is now awoken thanks to you, and teaches you his special move to thank you. Suicide Dive (Move)
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