There are 5 main storylines to play through when wrestling at the Inn for Brass Town Wrestling. You will receive match options from Booker Huffy based on your Heel/Face Points at the time. Each storyline contains 10 fights at the Inn, followed by a title match at the Event Square.

Monster Heel Storyline Edit

As a Monster Heel, you will be able to face the following opponents. Once you defeat one opponent, you will have the option to face the next person on the list.

Sovereign Steve 1

Sovereign Steve Edit

Sovereign Steve is the beloved color commentator for Brass Town Wrestling. If you want to make a statement that you're the new monster heel in town, you'll have to make an example of him.

Dr Life

Dr Life Edit

Dr Life comes rushing to Sovereign Steve's aid when he is clearly injured by your brutal attack. after you refuse to let Dr Life treat him, she vows to teach you never to get between a doctor and their patient.

Officer Bubba Edit

Officer Bubba

The only real law and order in Brass Town Wrestling, Officer Bubba is out to bring you to justice for pushing around non wrestlers!


Ebony Edit

After you defeat Officer Bubba, you are surprised to see Ebony coming down the ramp to square up to you. What on earth is this barista thinking!?

Pebble Edit


Furious about how you treated Ebony, Pebble rushes to the ring straight after your victory. Before you can explain yourself, Pebble exclaims that it doesn't matter what you think, and the match is made!

Coach Sal

Coach Sal Edit

Thought to be long retired following a career ending injury, Coach Sal knows that as the person who trained you she may be the only one who can stop you!

Deacon Bluebell Edit

Deacon Bluebell

Acknowledging your rise to prominence as a dark force within the company, Deacon Bluebell promises to restore light to Brass Town!

The Rev

The Rev Edit

After defeating Bluebell, it is clear to The Rev that your power is growing. The Rev however, is not intimidated by you at all, and he promptly reminds you that he kicks butt for the lord!

CM Hammer Edit


The disgraced legend that is CM Hammer has seen your trail of destruction, and isn't pleased with the disrespect you have shown your

Librarian Sara

opponents and the fans. He comes out of retirement for one last match in search of ending your ruinous run and finding redemption in the eyes of the fans.

Librarian Sara Edit

After being named as a surprise opponent for your number 1 contender fight, Librarian Sara is far from confident about her chances. Hopefully for her sake she has something up her sleeve!

Formidable Frog


If you defeat Librarian Sara, the inspirational Formidable Frog will make their way to the ring and promise to end you at the next Special Event. They will even put their World Title on the line against you!

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