In Brass Town Wrestling there are a number of different attributes that you can develop to either improve your performance inside or out of the ring.

Attack Edit

Attack influences how much damage you do with moves that involve you striking or slamming an opponent. The higher your attack, the more damage you are likely to do with this type of move.

To improve your attack, you can help Ruby in the Gift Shop to move stock in the warehouse.

Grapple Attack Edit

Grapple attack is related to how much damage your grapple/submission moves will do to an opponent. The higher your grapple attack is, the more damage you will do when using these types of moves.

Your grapple attack can be developed by catching chickens for Billy Luke on the farm.

High Risk Edit

Your High Risk will alter how much damage moves you complete from the turnbuckle do. The higher this attribute, the more damage this type of attack will do.

You can increase your high risk skill by helping Smasher by working at the tailors.

Defense Edit

Your defense dictates how good you are at defending against strikes and slams from your enemies. Increase this and it will be hard for them to do any damage to you!

You can boost your defense by protecting Honkatonk from projectiles in the Pub.

Grapple Defense Edit

Grapple defense is essential for protecting yourself against submissions and technical wrestlers. Without it, a skilled opponent could tie you up in knots!

You can boost your grapple defense by completing deliveries for Ebony at the Cafe.

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