Brass Town Wrestling is a vast game, and it can be difficult to get started. Below are a few tips that new players may find helpful;

Sleep OutsideEdit

It may sound odd, but there's no harm in sleeping outside if you don't have a match or need to fight the next day. Early on it'll save valuable money so that you can save up for your own place!

Do Odd JobsEdit

By helping the residents of Brass Town with jobs (i.e. catching chickens) you will unlock rewards that will help you. In addition to this, every Monday you will get money that you can collect from Banker Irwin for all the work you do!

Make FriendsEdit

A huge amount of content is unlocked simply by making friends. Use your earnings to buy gifts from the gift store, and make as many friends as possible to learn all the secrets of the town. You can also make friends by giving the random items you find to the correct person. There are hints as to what people like around the town.

Free FishingEdit

You can acquire a free fishing pole by visiting the fishing spot east of town on a Tuesday. Talk to Spivey and he should give you a fishing pole, allowing you to use the fishing spot!

Make MealsEdit

Rather than paying Pebble in the cafe for a meal, you can cook your own. Simply complete 5 Cafe or Inn jobs, and 5 chicken chases for Billy Luke. This will unlock a farm south of town where you can grow crops, as well as a kitchen to use so you can make your own meals.

Rain Waters CropsEdit

You don't need to water crops on days when it rains, they will automatically grow the next day.


Struggling to beat a wrestler? Use the Study Skill that Librarian Sara teaches you after you win your first fight. This skill will allow you to visit the bookstore and view the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent by reading the book that's on the counter. 

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