Brass Town Wrestling Wiki

In Brass Town you will notice a number of attributes that will change which don't have a direct impact on how you perform in the ring, however they all still have their benefits...

Face Points[]

The more kind acts you undertake, the more face points you will acquire. This will impact on the matches that you can book with Booker Huffy, unlocking new opponents and title challenges.

A quick way to gain face points is to pay your respects at the Monument of Champions.

You can also boost your face points by using a face turn.

Heel Points[]

The meaner you are, the more heel points you will gain. Being a heel will unlock different matches with Booker Huffy, giving you the opportunity to compete for different titles.

A quick way to gain heel points is to gamble with Lee Luckless, Blackjack, Dinky the Clown or Gann.

Heel points can be increased by using the heel turn item.

Link between Heel and Face Points[]

Heel and Face points have a direct relationship with one another. Whenever you gain a heel point you lose a face point and visa versa. Unless you want to maintain your current status as a tweener, it makes sense to focus on only trying to acquire one of these attributes at any time.

Impact of Heel/Face Points[]

There are 5 categories that you will fall into depending on your heel/face points.


You begin the game as a tweener. You will not be viewed as being good or bad. This will unlock the tweener story line which will allow you to uncover the fate of Rookie Andy.


By acquiring heel points you will be viewed as a heel, which is the wrestling term for a bad guy. This will unlock the heel story line, allowing you to compete for the Universe Title.

Monster Heel[]

Even more dastardly than a heel is the Monster Heel. This category will take a focused effort of building heel points to achieve. The Monster Heel category will unlock a decorative demon statue to the west of town, and allow you to battle for the World Title.


Work on your face points, and from being a tweener you will become a face. A face is basically a good guy, and achieving face status will enable you to compete for the Broken Belt.


The ultimate hero, it will take a lot of effort to collect enough face points to be viewed as a babyface. As a babyface you can compete for Raja's Crown, and a decorative angel statue will appear in the west part of town.