Champions Edit

What would a wrestling game be without it's champions? All belt holders in the game were designed with the help of Kickstarter backers, and provide you an opportunity to test yourself against a diverse pantheon of warriors to create your legacy.

Al 'Macho' Starr Edit

Al Macho Starr-0

Designed by Kickstarter Backer FKY

Title: Regional Champion

A first class flying, UberLux riding, plus size model dating, son of a gun! From a family of wrestlers he started training when he was 14 in daily, brutal, multi-hour training sessions under his Great-Grandfather, consequently developing a highly polished technical style and vast reserves of stamina. 

Age: 28. 

Ethnicity: Ojibwe Indian. 

Special move(s): Flying elbow drop. 

Wrestling style: Shoot. 

The Silencer Edit

Title: Broken Belt

When The Silencer grew up, he wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone. This made it very difficult for him to have a laugh and enjoy himself. Instead he would hurt people just to hear them scream, and when he got into a fight, he never showed an ounce of hurt... Unless he was alone. When he was alone, he would let out a mighty roar so loud it made the ground shake like an earthquake.

Age: 30.

Ethnicity: White male.

Special move(s): La Sombra.

Wresting style: Lucha Libre.

The Silencer-0

Designed by Kickstarter backer Neil Stewart

Feodor X.X Edit

Feodor X.X-0

Designed by Kickstarter backer Alejandro Morales

Title: Universe Title

Feodor was created and raised by a world-renowned scientist who worked at the HAARP Research Facility and was murdered by the government. However, before he died, he threw Feodor into a wormhole to save him from being captured by them for research purposes. Now Feodor travels through different universes and timelines to find a way to go back to the world he came from before the incident. He is currently in Brass Town Wrestling’s timeline to search for clues which may aid him on his journey. He is also currently using his advanced abilities to understand the human mind and get involved in their entertainment industry. His overall goal is to become more human than robot.

Age: XX.X – does not know age, but traced his creation to at least be around 3 years in human age.

Ethnicity: American. Created in the Kenia peninsula in Nebraska.

Special move(s): ‘The Electric Screwdriver’

Wrestling style: A combination of sumo and Russian wrestling styles.

"The King" Rajah Ahten Edit

Title: Royal Crown

Backstory and gimmick: He is a white American who despises Americans. He claims Dubai, and declares he is royalty. He thinks all people should worship him for allowing them to watch him wrestle. He claims he can buy whatever wrestling company he wants, but chooses to just work and not have to pay other wrestlers. His gimmick is that of a foreign monarch.

Age: 25.

Ethnicity: Caucasian.

Special move(s):Kingdom Come (flying elbow drop).

Wrestling style:Technician/brawler hybrid.

The King Rajah Ahten -0

Designed by Kickstarter backer The Unboxing Bros

Formidable Frog Edit

Formidable Frog-0

Designed by Kickstarter backer Golden Radiance

Title: World Champion

Backstory: when he was in his early twenties, he got married to his girlfriend, and then he and his wife had a daughter together. Unfortunately, the child was with a rare immune disease, and he only had enough money to afford minor treatments. But then he had an idea; he could use his natural wrestling ability to earn enough money to try and save his daughter.

So he became a wrestler, and then he then drew inspiration from his favourite childhood story The Frog Prince, but with a twist: instead of the frog becoming a prince through being kissed, this frog would work his butt off to become a prince by becoming world champion.

It took many years of training, and as a rookie he ended up losing many times and learning from his mistakes. In the end though, he became The World Champion, and thus the Formidable Frog, his wrestling moniker, became a "prince."

Now his daughter is happy any healthy, Formidable Frog is an inspiration to all in Brass Town, and one of the greatest champions in living memory.

Age: 30s

Special move: ‘Rain of Frogs'

Wrestling style: Lucha Libre.

Townsfolk Edit

Bass Town is full of unique and colourful characters, many of which players will be able to battle. Below are a list of all the townsfolk who you may have to go toe to toe with during your time in town!

Abel Edit

Abel is the mysterious lightkeeper of Brass Town. Every night he trawls the streets, lighting the fires that keep the town shining on an evening. He never speaks, after

witnessing a terrible accident involving his brother Gravedigger – his parents were killed after their house burned down with them both still inside. He and his sister Em Balmer are keeping a terrible secret from the town…

Atlas Edit

Atlas is the town’s resident gym bro. Find him in the Brass Town gym at all hours, working on his gruelling weightlifting routine.

Banker Irwin Edit

Banker Irwin-0
Banker Irwin works at Brass Town’s bank when he isn’t in the ring. As well as looking after your earnings, he offers services on the side which could be construed as somewhat corrupt… he offers high interest savings accounts to his friends and has a side business paying off referees to use fast counts during matches, amongst other shady dealings!

Barman Mike Edit

Barman Mike works at the Inn almost every evening, when he’s not in the ring.
Barman Mike-0

Billy Luke Edit

Billy Luke-0
Billy Luke is the town’s resident

farmer and can be found working in his orchard on a daily basis. He and his sister Lola run the farm since their father, Dunde, left without trace. Because of this, they have problems keeping on top of their payments which leads them into getting mixed up with the wrong people…

Blackjack Edit

Blackjack is the local Blakjack dealer. Tough as a two dollar steak, the last thing you want to do is get on this guys bad side!

Blackjack Windham-0

Booker Huffy Edit

Booker Huffy-0
Booker Huffy is the Booker for Brass Town Wrestling – a veteran who makes the matches happen, he is the person to go to for booking

your next match. He can be found at the gym on every day but Wednesdays, when he takes a day off to attend the library to research his latest storylines.

Chico Edit

Chico was once the king of cool… but now time has caught up to him, and is usually propping up the bar at the Inn and chatting up whichever ladies are unfortunate enough to be within earshot. Often, he can be found reminiscing about better days in the wrestling business gone by with his friend Slither.

CM Hammer Edit

CM Hammer was once a wrestling legend in Brass Town… until

he was found to be dealing growth potions and subsequently cast out and his name scratched off the Monument of Champions! Hammer maintains to this day that someone stitched him up…

Coach Sal Edit

Coach Sal is Brass Town’s resident wrestling trainer. Back in her day, she was a prolific fighter herself, and almost took the title from

the then Women’s Champion, Shyna! She regrets not being able to do it and maintains that the reason she lost is she just did not train hard enough. As today’s rookies can attest to, she puts her all into her current job to get every drop of potential from today’s crop of up and comers to avoid them going through what she did. If only she could get some closure and get Shyna to agree to one last match…?

Coach Sal-0

Coral Edit

Coral is one of Brass Town’s main players behind the scenes. Flanked by the man-mountain that is Smasher, she manipulates and uses whoever she can for her own evil gains!

Deacon Bluebell Edit

Bluebell works with the Rev at the church and is usually busy in the community, drumming up support for the Church when she isn’t in the ring.
Deacon Bluebell-0

Dinky The Clown Edit

Dinky can be found in the backstage area, running riot and causing chaos for a cheap laugh. Whilst he is surprisingly capable in the ring, in his spare time you can find him making a quick buck from the poor, unsuspecting punters of Brass Town by offering games of 21. He’ll suck you in by offering to double your money but be careful – one wrong guess and he’ll take it all!

Disko Edit

When not in the ring, Disko can be found at the gym, offering dance classes to boost your stamina. She also fancies herself as a bit of a booker, and is always offering plans to the management on new characters and gimmicks. The only problem is, her ideas are terrible!

Dr. Life Edit

Dr Life2
Dr Life is the town’s resident physician, and offers a cure

for all of your ailments… for a price!

Dunde Edit

Dunde is Billy Luke and Lola’s absent father. He was driven out of Brass Town years ago, after getting into debt and failing to win a Loser Leaves Town match in an attempt to pay it off. Unfortunately, his children had to take on his problems. If he comes back, will all be forgiven?


Ebony Edit

Ebony works at the Brass Town café with her boss, Pebble. Feeding a town of hungry fighters is clearly hard work… She has an unsavoury history with Chico, who maintains that he got food poisoning from one of her meals and has since been blackmailing her for free food!

Em Balmer Edit

Em Balmer is the sister of the lightkeeper, Abel, who she takes care of since the accident. She is known for her dark sense of humour and her love of Mycology and fire. She sells fire powder from her home which can be used illegally in matches to get an advantage over your opponent… but will deny

this categorically when questioned!

Em Balmer-0

Harvey Edit

Geoff Harvey
Harvey is a daredevil and a risk taker who by his own

admission has nothing left to live for. His dalliance with Coral in the past left him a broken man, and now he looks for dangerous thrills in the ring to take his mind off the pain. When not wrestling in death matches, he’s usually sat at the bar at the Inn, drinking his problems away.

Glacius Edit

Glacius has delusions of grandeur. With her elaborate ring

entrance and expensive ring attire, you’d be forgiven for thinking that she’s a real 1000 year old ninja! She prefers to exist on the outskirts of society, residing in a tent on the edge of town with her friend Spivey, who shares her unusual way of thinking. Could Glacius be the one behind the freeze pranks currently blighting the town?


Gravedigger Edit

Gravedigger is an elusive figure in Brass Town. Believed by the vast majority to have passed away in a tragic house fire years ago, he lives in the basement of the Lightkeeper’s building for his own protection…

Heatwave Edit

Heatwave is the alter-ego of a super secretive Brass Town resident. She is out every night fighting crime in the town and often investigates places where many people gather, such as the Inn, for important information.

Honkatonk Edit

Honkatonk is Brass Town pub’s resident turn… every single night. It’s a wonder the pub does any business at all, as no one seems to be a

very big fan! Honkatonk views himself as an old-school rock’n’rolla, in the same vein as Elvis and enjoys everything rhinestones and lavish. Surprisingly, the bottles that come flying at him each and every evening don’t seem to make a dent in this man’s gigantic ego!

Lee Luckless Edit

Lee Luckless is a gambler and a chancer, and is looking to

rebuild his fortunes from the ground up after losing it all. His real dream is to open a casino in town… who knows if his fantasy will come to fruition?

Lee Luckless-0

Librarian Sara Edit

Sara can be found reading at the counter in the library, when she should be working! As well as running a book club and wrestling in her spare time, she also has an unusual side hustle…

Lola Edit

Lola is the little sister of Billy Luke, and helps him run the farm in the north. She can usually be found at the farmhouse, where she sells their crops in the hope of finally paying off the debt they inherited, so she can finally realise her dream of moving to the coast! On her days off she likes to travel to the cliffs to the east of Brass Town, where she can relax in peace and take in the wonders of nature. Despite her somewhat soft exterior, Lola is a tough country gal who you wouldn’t want to bet against in the ring!

Mauro Edit

Mauro is Brass Town’s sometimes over-enthusiastic play by play announcer. He has a habit of getting on the talent’s bad side and because of this, sometimes finds himself booked in matches that he has no business being in! Despite this, he’s always thankful to bring the action to you each week!

Mean Edit

Mean is one of Vinnie’s lackeys. He can be found in the pub

every evening, possibly being the only person to enjoy Honkatonk’s “entertainment”!


Mordechai Edit

Mordechai is an ethereal figure in Brass Town, who can be spotted wandering the graveyard at night…

Mr. Cream Edit

Mr Cream is a legendary veteran wrestler, who often fills in

for Booker Huffy on his days off. He’s well known for being an intimidating taskmaster, and will work his ring crew ragged. He’s always on the lookout for new talent to hire, so don’t be surprised when he gives you a proposition…

Mr Cream-0

Mr. Hancock Edit

Mr Hancock-0
Mr Hancock is the local pharmacist, working out of Brass Town hospital. He started out as a backing dancer, and now has big ambitions for himself which include a new business in physiotherapy and sports massage. When not in the ring, Mr Hancock can either be found behind the counter at the hospital, selling remedies for minor injuries, or relaxing at Brass Town bar.

Officer Bubba Edit

Officer Bubba is the town’s primary law enforcer. You can usually catch him keeping the chaos under control at the Sunday Special Events. You wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of this cop!
Officer Bubba-0

Pattie Edit

Lucha 2
Pattie works all hours of the day as part of Mr Cream’s ring crew. It’s down to this guy to set the scene every Monday, Tuesday and Sunday evening. He hopes that one day, his hard work will be acknowledged, and he can finally move up the card!

Pebble Edit

Pebble owns Brass Town café and runs it with his associate, Ebony. He’s known for two things – his off the charts charisma, and his extra large strudel!

Queens Brawler Edit

Queens Brawler
Queens Brawler is an old hand in Brass Town, and has been a jobber for as long as anyone can remember. Despite her less than stellar win-loss record, she has enjoyed many years of employment due to her in-ring experience. She can sometimes be seen filling in for Booker Huffy at the gym on his days off.

Riley Edit

Riley can be found in the gym, teaching new members of the

roster a thing or two about how easy they have it these days! He loves to ‘rib’ the new wrestlers as he thinks it teaches them to have respect for the veterans of the locker room, when in fact it makes him no more than a bully! He likes to think he knows best and is not above dealing in some shady affairs when it suits, as long as it’ll earn him some money or make him look good in front of the younger clientele!


Rookie Andy Edit

Rookie Andy1
Rookie Andy is your childhood best friend, and the person you arrive in Brass Town with to pursue your dream! Will you work together to become the greatest tag team that Brass Town has ever seen?

Rookie Bella Edit

Rookie Bella is a new member of the roster, who joins at the

same time as you. Both Coach Sal and Vinnie have her tipped to be the next big Women’s star, and Bella is willing to lay it all on the line to make sure she doesn’t miss her shot! She can be found serving drinks in her very limited spare time at the pub.

Rookie Bella-0

Rookie Carl Edit

Rookie Carl-0
Rookie Carl is another new arrival to Brass Town. An

exciting, high flying prospect, he has unlimited potential if he can word hard and apply himself. When he’s not wrestling, you might catch him serving drinks in the casino!

Ruby Edit

The long-suffering Ruby works for Virgil Money at the gift

shop, moving stock for a pittance of pay. They usually work alone, as the meagre pay on offer only attracts the worst potential employees! They like to take long relaxing walks after closing the shop, taking in the fresh night air.


Sandwoman Edit

They call her Sandwoman, as you always get a good night of

sleep at her inn! Sandwoman is the proprietor of Brass Town Inn, and she’s a scary lady that you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of! When she’s not at work, she can be found south of Brass Town, hiking in the harshest conditions, to boost her mental and physical toughness.

Shyna Edit

Shyna was once known as Brass Town’s biggest female star, having fought and won in a legendary bout against Coach Sal for the championship! These days she can be found at the inn, reminiscing about days gone by and wondering if she has just one more match left in her…?

Slither Edit

Slither is a wiley old veteran, who can be found at the inn every evening with his pet snake.

Smasher Edit

Smasher is the brawn to Coral’s brains, and usually does her bidding as she asks. A formidable figure in Brass Town both in and out of the ring, he’s perhaps not as scary deep down as he first appears. He is a talented clothes maker and can be found working in the back room of the tailors.

Solwald Edit

Solwald is a mysterious figure, who owns the barn to the

east of Brass Town.

Sovereign Steve Edit

Hailing from England, Sovereign Steve is the company’s beloved commentator and a wrestling legend in his own right. He sits with Mauro on a Monday, Tuesday and Sunday to call the action.
Sovereign Steve-0

Spivey Edit

Spivey is an unsettling character, who lives with Glacius in the tent at the edge of town. He appears to have links to the dark goings-on within the church, and was also the best friend of Gravedigger in the past, before things went terribly wrong. One thing is for sure, when there is trouble afoot, Spivey never seems to be too far away!

Street Edit

Street is another of Vinnie’s lackeys, and the best friend of Mean. They hang out together at the pub with their cat, Pussy.

Sunshine Edit

Sunshine was once one of Brass Town’s top stars but doesn’t seem to be aware that time has moved on! Sunshine is friendly on the surface, but can be conniving and devious in order to get what she wants, which is usually either money or a fancy drink from one of the barflies!

The Intellectual Edit

The Intellectual spends more time in the library than the gym, and considers himself to be an ingenious and knowledgeable mind of the highest calibre! He considers hard work to be above his station in life, and would prefer to get by in ring by utilising his superior strategy and

judgement. Unfortunately for him, no one seems to care above how much he loves himself! As irritating as he is, the Intellectual is helpful when it comes to devising an interesting gimmick!

The Intellectual-0

The Rev Edit

The Rev-0
The Rev runs the Church with Deacon Bluebell.

Trevor Ryzin Edit

Trevor Ryzin is one of Brass Town’s top stars and is Vinnie’s right hand man. He loves to insert himself into any situation he can, and is the person responsible for sending all up and coming rookies to the Pyramid to test their mettle.

Vinnie Edit

Promoter Vinnie-0
Vinnie is the owner of the Brass Town Wrestling promotion. He has no problem getting involved in a storyline, and often thinks he knows what’s best for business… he’s also not adverse to stepping into the ring now and again!

Virgil Money Edit

Virgil owns the gift shop in town, where he employs Ruby to do the majority of the heavy lifting. A lonely man with no friends and a stingy and miserly attitude, he cares more for money than his customers or the lives of his staff!  He believes anyone can be bought just as he can.
Virgil Money-0

The Pyramid Edit

Inside the Pyramid of champions there are a number of enemies that will confront you as you try to make your way to the ultimate prize at the bottom!

Crawler Edit

These disgusting giant earthworms pack a nasty punch! Luckily they aren't exactly skilled at defending!

Horseman Edit

The horsemen that guard the Naturalist are deadly fighters with few obvious weaknesses. Best fought individually.

Ice Vyper Edit

An ice cold blooded individual Ice Vyper has been twisted into a serpent like form to fit his demeanor!

Fish Edit

These giant fish jump out of the water to try to slap intruders with their tail fin. They are elusive and annoying foes

Levyatan Edit

Once a huge powerhouse, now a monster from the deep. Levyatan is power personified!

Octopus Edit

Ever tried to out wrestle an opponent with 8 arms!? An octopus isn't something you want to use your mat game against!

Queen Succubus Edit

Queen Succubus
The queen is fiercely protective of her master. This is no ordinary enemy so tread with caution!

Rat Edit

Giant rats are known to inhabit the top layers of the pyramid. Relatively harmless by themselves.

Snake Edit

Egypt monster 04
A snake will tie you up in knots if you let it! Luckily they can also be literally tied in a knot... if you can get hold of them!

Succubus Edit

A beautiful creature that has become obsessed with someone in the pyramid. She is a very dangerous opponent!

The Eagle Edit

Once one of Brass Town's hottest young prospects. The Eagle was forever changed by his time in the pyramid.

The Naturalist Edit

Possibly the greatest technical wrestler to ever grace a ring. Naturalist has been waiting a millennia for a worthy foe!
Nature Boy
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