Farming in Brass Town Edit

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Farmhouse – Billy Luke runs the Brass Town farm with his little sister, Lola, in the north part of town. Speak to him to unlock the opportunity to catch the chickens that are running free in his farmyard. This earns gold and increases your grappling attack ability.

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Eggs Edit

Complete your job at the farm in an extra quick time, explore the Pyramid or befriend Billy Luke to unlock your very own chicks! Visit the chicks every day to build your relationship. Eventually they will grow into chickens and provide eggs for you on a daily basis! The egg quality increases as your relationship with the chicken improves, so visit regularly if you want a great high protein ingredient to boost your SP!

Vegetables Edit

Lola can usually be found in the farmhouse, where you can buy vegetables to cook with or seeds to plant and harvest your own crops with. You can buy Lentils, Potatoes and Vegetable seeds to plant in the field that's just south of town. To unlock the field you must complete the mini game where you catch chickens at least 5 times. Visit your crops daily to water them, and you will eventually be able to harvest them!

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The more farming you do, the higher your farming skill will become. This will mean better quality crops, providing better quality ingredients to boost your HP!

Steaks Edit

Steaks can be harvested from various creatures in the Pyramid to the West of town. The Pyramid is unlocked after you visit Rookie Andy in hospital for the second time and see the cut scene with Trevor Ryzin.

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You can also harvest steaks by raising cows in the Barn that appears East of Brass Town after you win your first match.Speak to Vinnie and unlock the Event Square by befriending the Old Guy. You can earn steaks by throwing hay into the pen where the cows are, and by interacting with the cows. Once both adult cows have a Relationship of 100, a calf will appear. Raise your relationship with the calf in the same way, and eventually the calf will disappear you'll have the option to collect steaks.
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Fish Edit

You acquire fish by fishing in the pond to the East of Brass Town. There is a moving circle in the water that you can interact with once you have a Fishing Rod. You can obtain a fishing rod by purchasing one from Glacius in the Tent that's east of town, or see Spivey by the pond on his day off to get one for free!

You catch fish by pressing space at the right time (you'll hear a noise and see an exclamation bubble). The more you practice, the higher your fishing skill will become, and the better quality of fish you will catch! Fish is a great ingredient in foods to increase your SP!

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