Crowd Excitement Edit

When you are in a match or fight, you will notice a bar labelled crowd. This reflects how excited the crowd are at any time. The crowd will never be above 100 or below 0. You can use the crowd to pull of different moves against your opponent. Whenever you use a move that utilities crowd, the crowd will reduce by the amount stated next to the move.

Building Crowd Excitement Edit

You generally build the crowd excitement by taking damage and successfully landing moves. You will notice that certain moves such as jab give a good amount of crowd, whereas the crowd find other moves less exciting.

You can get boosts to building crowd by unlocking certain gimmicks that specify this benefit. This basically means that for every move you complete you will get slightly more crowd than usual.

Certain gimmicks such as wholesome gimmicks, will let you carry over crowd excitement from one match to another.

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